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Visual Communications

Video feedback for collaborative video is now here. And just in time, right?


These universities and companies use GoReact to better visual communications.

Easily gather feedback on all your video projects

There are lots of complex tools out there for getting feedback on your projects. GoReact is the affordable core feature set that you need with nothing you don’t. Upload your video project and get contextual time-coded comments (text, audio, video) displayed in a feedback stream alongside and as captions to your project.

Access your videos and feedback anywhere at any time

Providing better feedback isn’t the only way GoReact saves you time. You know that managing video production can be a real pain in the neck. GoReact stores all videos and feedback securely in the cloud, keeping all your stuff in one place and available to you any time and anywhere with Internet access. Bottom line: GoReact improves feedback and organization for visual communication projects.

Author quote
Overall, students liked commenting via GoReact and receiving others' comments via GoReact. Timeline comments tended to be short, positive, and focused on delivery skills or specific presentation elements. The end comments looked at broader qualities, such as the flow of theargument, persuasiveness of evidence, or quality of content. Together, the two types of commentary were valuable and complementary.

Daphne Jameson

Cornell University