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Teacher Development & Student Teaching

The video feedback platform for turning students into teachers. (Awesome teachers, like a bunch of John Keatings.)


Who already has the advantage?

Move your on-site student-teaching observations to the cloud.

Coaching new educators on lesson plans, teaching skills, and student interactions can be a challenge. On-site observations and reviews can be a big scheduling headache. GoReact takes the process of recording student teachers and providing contextual time-coded feedback, and puts it in the cloud for easy, secure access whether you’re on-site or not.

Watching yourself on video helps you become aware and learn skills faster. Lesson videos can be captured directly in GoReact via webcam, tablet or smartphone, and are immediately available for review and feedback. Teachers can set up the recording by themselves—so recordings can be done concurrently and you don’t need to be there in-person.

Author quote
I get feedback to the students much faster. Instead of carrying around flash drives and finding time to watch, scribble notes, and then go back to type them so they're legible; now I can look at a student video whenever I have a few minutes between classes or meetings. Bit by bit I get them all done. GoReact is great!

Colleen Geier

Goshen College