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GoReact is changing the world with interactive online video. We make a Jedi training platform for skill development (and we’re not just talking lightsaber skills). It’s a cloud-based video system for feedback and critique of anything recordable, from speeches to performances. It’s being used in hundreds of universities around the world. We just closed a $4M funding round, and we're more than doubling our sales every year. If you like to make a difference, we want to talk!

This is a place where you can leave your mark and make a real impact on how the company grows and solves problems for customers. We are innovating in the crosshairs of a super hot space that’s ripe for original and creative solutions. If you’re passionate about evangelizing your tech and tackling this type of challenge, shoot us your info.


Here’s what you need to know: we hire the best because we are the best. We pay well, and with paid time off, paid holidays, awesome wellness coverage, our employee benefits program competes with the big boys.

Oh, and we have snacks—peanuts anyone?

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Open Positions

Sorry, we don't have any positions open right now, but check back soon!