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ASL & Interpreter Training

Sign your feedback with the premier video feedback platform for ASL teaching. (Yep. No more written English in the classroom.)


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Teach ASL in ASL

GoReact is the perfect tool for teaching ASL, whether you’re teaching ASL 101 or training aspiring interpreters. With GoReact, students can record their assignments in ASL. Instructors can provide feedback and direction in ASL for a total immersion experience. Since feedback is time-coded, students get the advantage of seeing precisely where in their assignment they need to improve.

Author quote
I love the fact that GoReact allows me to see the students work throughout a semester in one place so I can see the progression of specific ASL features. It's also a great way to pinpoint and provide feedback within exact areas of the video. This is something that has been time-consuming to do before GoReact.
The students love the ease of navigating through the system and how they are able to gain immediate and useful information about their work. They also have liked how everything is located in one place, and how they can observe other student's interpreting work.

Sarah Wheeler

Troy University