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for music, dance, and theater.
(Way easier than you think.)
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Easy way #1. Use any webcam to record directly to our cloud

Easy way #2. Upload video from mobile or camcorder



Type time-coded comments and rate performance quality live during the performance, or on the recording.

Live peer review - involve others in the feedback process (without shuffling piles of feedback forms)!


Feedback is available instantly to the performer alongside the video. Time-coded comments play back in stream right at the moment for maximum learning context and effectiveness.
Or you can even keep reviews private if needed.

More stuff you'll love

1Ratings line option adds a quantitative measure to performance flow.

2Students love the social feel of chat-style comments.

3Teachers love GoREACT for its easy flow and remote reviewing capabilities.

How much do they love it?
100% of faculty users recommend it

What do instructors like most?

91% mentioned easy to use
82% mentioned online/convenience
78% mentioned better feedback

92% of student users recommend it

What do students like most?

51% mentioned time-coded comments
47% mentioned peer feedback
39% mentioned online/convenience

Results from survey of over 200 faculty & 2,000 student users

Common Questions

What are the technical requirements?

Live recording requires a current PC or Mac, webcam, and internet connection. Student self-recording works well in most environments, even on many crummy connections. :)

Full requirements

How much does it cost?

Instructor accounts are FREE and include 30 mins of recording time. To add more time, you can buy hours or use our Student Self-Pay model.

Pricing details

Can GoREACT be used with mobile devices?

GoREACT works great on most tablets, and is reasonably viewable on phones. Plus videos you take with a mobile device can be uploaded directly.

Where are videos stored?

All videos are stored on our secure Amazon cloud service with educational privacy standards, and are available for 3 years. Download is also available if you want a permanent copy.

Is it easy to get set up?

Most instructors can sign up, set up, and invite students/presenters in 15 minutes or less. So don't wait. Start making your life easier now!

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Start recording right away!  Every instructor account comes with
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